2023.11.08 高等学校


高校2年生 李笑旻

高校2年生 小村心優
I participated in Jeju youth forum as a representing Keonguk high school. I participated in Panel 4. Topic of Panel 4 is Action plan for creating a safer society from school violence issues including guns, drugs. I am thankful to give me this opportunity. I had a really worthy time in there. Furthermore, I had discussions about that topic.There are many students from abroad, so I can hear diverse idea and opinion. It was very valuable time.

高校1年生 尹率怡
Jeju ユースフォーラムで世界各国の人々と出会えて友達になり、トピック別に大きな社会問題について一緒に考えながら、意見のやりとりを行い、発表しました。culture nightでは各国の文化について発表しながら、お互いの文化をより深く理解することができました。Jejuで四日間過ごしながら得た経験は私たちの視野を広げ、貴重な時間になりました。

高校1年生 白承潤
I had so much during the time in Jeju. I had the opportunity to talk about a topic I thought I would never talk about. I also made diverse friends and had a great time. If had a chance I would love to come here again and discuss about new topics.